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This is really just a post for people who make graphics/photosets

So there is a new userscript called Custom Photoset Layouts

and it does just that

You know how tumblr give you specific layouts well for this one you can create your own…sort of. You can’t use more than 10 gifs though although that’s tumblr standard

When you get it it’ll look like this

And what you do is that you put in a code of up to five digit numbers

what that does is it tells Tumblr how many rows you want and how many gifs in that row you want

For example

The code for this is 333

The code for this is 222

And these two are examples of “Non-standard” sets

The code for this is 1111 (four rows of 1 gif)

The Code for this is 22222 (5 rows of two gifs)

There is no list for the codes as it’s simple math and you just have to count. This is only useful though if you like making creative stuff idk You can go wild

It’s not necessary but nice

again this is the link [X]

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