k does not want to play rn (or ever). the squirrel that came around at the very end though… (also does not want to play)

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trying to stay off tumblr until I get my readings and discussion sums done

in nice news I slept for like…………. 11 hours and I feel so alive, I am invincible

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School will soon be upon me and I’ll need snack money!! Consider commissioning me to get your very own piece of artwork!

Same as my summer commissions with the addition of inked options.

  • traditional sketch or inks plus digital colors!!
  • no nsfw!
  • references are great, I want to make sure I draw want you want!
  • up to 2 characters, for each additional character it’ll be +$2 for the black and white options and +$5 for the colored options

Payment will be through paypal and please keep all contact via email, so we don’t lose anything! Enquire at aalexfletcher @ gmail.com

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on more tomorrow, mobile bloggin but like none the less. i also have readings to do but like………… yeah………….

good night everyone!

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squirrels are the ultimate horror, squirrels are the end, squirrels are the terror

just like. fuck squirrels man. fuck squirrels

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other life updates: found out the “bird” making the constant screaming sound is actually a squirrel

this is the sound (but a bit quieter): youtube link

in sum: squirrels are fucked up

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"I think once you realize the thing that makes you passionate and the thing you will stay up late at night for, the thing that you will fight for— once you realize those things and you’re working towards that, it’s pretty much having it all."

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Anonymous asked: “fuck you sting isn't gay faggot”


???? gAY???? cHARACTER??? character that’s….GAY??? as in HOMO SEXuAL??? NO…. CHARACTER STRAIGHT!!! CHARACTER LIKE THE BOOBIES AND THE VAGEENA!!!!! no…homo…

illegal …. 

not only is sting a high lvl mega gay, but so are many of your other faves such as:

rogue, yukino, lucy, gray, meredy, juvia, natsu, laxus, mira, freed (especially him ), loke, wendy, erza, kagura, cana, flare, and… well it’d probably be easier to list the characters who /aren’t/ gay in ft

thanks for sharing tho, please never do it again :^)

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let this sink in guys

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ffxv gameplay looks so fun, pity there are literally zero girls in your party and only two female characters shown so far in the entire game…………….

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i’m tired of people saying lesbians hate men. that’s such bullshit. you don’t have to be a lesbian to hate men. everyone hates men

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uh life updates:

  • depression isnt a battle and you dont win- no matter how desperately i want that to be the case
  • puppies are a lot of energy and that is perfect
  • never say tumblr isn’t helpful, bc without it i might have donated to a couple fergus0n charities that were not legit rather than directly to mike br0wns family.
  • school is hell but this year my books for three classes cost less then 100 dollars (and im a history major ffs) god bless every one of us
  • checked out some new stuff here and there but mostly reread thg and gsnk.
  • i’m sorry i’m not a very good/even communicator. i’m either totally on or completely off.
  • thinking about changing my url bc i have a Pretentious latin url saved and god why not
  • thinking about creating a nonfandom pretty pictures relax magazine blog
  • gotta update my gross theme
  • etc

sorry i’ve been incommunicado, it’s not any of you!! it’s me and thats okay

i hope you’ve all been okay too!

ps hi new followers, idk if you’re all bots or whatever but uh hey

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on today! literally the only thing I need to do is call a buddy l8r so yeah 😎consider me home

will be answering asks and stuff in about an hour!! sorry I’ve been so hiatus-y it’s just rl stuff and depression surging up and down! I’m better rn so yeah! p dang good

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