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Steal his look: Fred the Fish

Gucci Leather straight-leg pant-$2,300

Hermes Collier de Chien leather belt-$2,325

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Still hungry?


The average active adult needs 2,000 calories per day in order to function in a safe and healthy manner. If I’m active to the point where I consistently run 1+ hour every day, then it is far more likely that my caloric needs are around 2,400-2,500.

Considering that, a meal of 1,200 calories would perfectly suit my needs. It would supply roughly half of my calorie requirements, which is a God-send since a fast food meal is relatively cheap. It’s a great value, especially if I don’t have much time to cook or have the resources to prepare my own meals!

The average burger is going to supply me with significant protein and carbs. That’s exactly what I’d need in order to build more muscle and have enough energy to make it through a workout. Even the sugar within the meal can be beneficial in supplying me with a boost of energy and can stop me from feeling hungry for a prolonged period of time. Not half bad.

Is this the most healthy meal known to man? Of course not. But it’s still a very reasonable deal and the calorie count is well within the average adult’s daily needs. 

Don’t let calories scare you! You need them. If you were capable of burning off an entire meal within the hour, you’d probably be dead by now.

1200 empty calories in a meal

next to no nutrition. all the calories are sugar and fat. that’s it. you’ll have no energy and have glucose spikes in your blood because the lack of fiber because of the lack of complex carbs. this is diabetes in a meal. 

so no, you should not be hungry for diabetes

Nutritionally, this BK meal contains roughly 28g of protein and 3g of dietary fiber. It potentially also includes 35% of our Vitamin C daily requirements, 2% Vitamin A, 12% calcium, and 27% iron. Of the 1,010 calories (that I could verify directly from the company’s nutritional information guide), only 410 are from fat. That isn’t a terribly significant amount of fat, in the long run, nor are the nutrients small enough to be viewed as negligible.

Eating this will not cause you to get diabetes. Eating this meal is perfectly fine if you do have diabetes, as long as you are able to adjust your insulin intake accordingly. So don’t use an illness as your debate point - Diabetic people are not a prop.

"So don’t use an illness as your debate point - Diabetic people are not a prop." I want that and variations of that on t shirts.

damn, man. Someone just got completely schooled by a nutritionist.


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icon change

ahn sibs supremacy

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Hello there! This comic is the continuation of [The ring] .

Translate by Blausen ((Thanks a lot!))

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"everything you eat becomes a part of you so next time you go for cheeseburger imagine that it’ll become your new heart"

good. i hope my cheeseburger heart has the fortitude and staying power of the greasiest big mac around

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people on diets are so awful like do you think I care how many times you’ve pooped today????? I barely have enough time to poop as is how dare you flaunt your lifestyle in my face

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The truth is out there.

wake up homestucks

this is suddenly funnier than ever i cannot believe

holy FUCK

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finally, a costume for me

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Pandora Hearts Commemorative Fanbook Poll/Survey Information Masterpost!


Let’s start the special, urgent planning of Pandora Hearts’ Commemorative Fanbook, which goes on sale this winter!!



A. Oz Vessalius - “Hey, everyone smile!” B. Alice – A meat loving girl! C. Gilbert Nightray - “OZ!!”

D. Xerxes Break (Kevin) – Pandora’s strongest [fighter]. E. Sharon Rainsworth – A genuine lady <3

F. Reim Lunettes – Middle management = he is the strongest G. Rufus Barma - “I want to be the Best Combination along with Sheryl!!!!”

H. Sheryl Rainsworth - “Oh dear! <3 How embarrassing.” I. Ada Vessalius - “This is my true appearance” <3

J. Oscar Vessalius – A mature, honorable man!! K. Vincent Nightray - “My brother and I make the best combination, right.”

L. Echo – “Saying this probably…won’t even really matter….But, Echo thinks, Master Oz’s smile, more than anyone’s, is definitely…”

M. Noise – “In the end, everyone will be my echo.” N. Elliot Nightray – “My favorite flower is Statice.” (Cat: SFX: peroperopero -rub, rub, rub- Elliot: “Haha, what are you doing, you!”

O. Leo (Glen Baskerville) – Two charms, two faces. P. Jack Vessalius – Foul play? I appeal with the utmost beauty.

Q. Oswald (Glen Baskerville) - “………” R. Lacie – “Will you give my song a listen?”

S. Levi (Glen Baskerville) – The face of a novelist. T. The Will of the Abyss - “I want this feeling to reach you.”

U. Cheshire Cat – Complete resurrection!!! V. Lotty – “Boys!” <3 W. Lily – “Bloomers Identity!”

X. Dug – Surprisingly, he can move! Y. Fang – The Baskervilles’ number one gentleman.

Z. Isla Yura - “You weren’t going to forget about little ol’ me, right?” *Others: If you pick this one I will be happy.


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also: that contest i won the prize wont ship to canada, so my other options are a cordless phone or a pair of cheap headphones

even the good is shit tbh

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"he didnt LITERALLY MURDER sakura so he must love her"

ya’ll are fucked up and weak and letting this emo childbaby distract you from the ultimate endgame of happy healthy kunoichi polyamory 

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